International Pay Card systems

Digital Marketing Specialists has a long track record of finding the right International Paycard System for you to pay your affiliates on.

We offer full integration of MasterCard and Visa branded and non-branded Instant Issue ATM cards. All of our programs are very reasonably priced.

When considering which card is right for you, rely on our experience to make your job easy. All of our Paycard systems can be fully implemented into the Network Marketing Software so that your administrative work load is kept to a minimum. Card issuance and funds management is all processed automatically via batch file processing or instantly with an API so that you do not have to invest untold man hours loading cards and managing quality control / oversight. Paying your affiliates is important business and we make sure that you can preview each file before the batch, perform audits at any stage of the process, and rest assured that your funds management is under your control.

We offer a wide variety of service to meet your needs. If you need quick startup we can issue directly out of pre-designed stock. If you need a fully branded design specifically for your company we can have you up an running in record time. Instant issue plastic is available in both pre-printed and custom plastic design programs.

At present, nobody has the ability to download funds directly into your affiliates checking accounts (via ACH / direct electronic deposit) in more countries than we do. We presently service over 30 countries with our direct deposit features and this number is growing all the time.

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