Online digital signature applications

Online Sigital Signature Application is a unique technology that lets your clients sign and approve contracts, agreements, purchase orders, distributor agreements, settlements etc… all online via the website.

The technology uses the patrons mouse to sign a document online similar to that of the transaction approval signature pads that you see at most large retailers today except instead of using a plastic pen your customers can use their mouse.

With the Digital Marketing Specialists Digital Signature application, you can close more business and close it faster. If you are responsible for revenue or a profit center at your organization, you are losing business due to fallout and delays from paperwork requirements. By completing your paperwork online, while your customers are ready to sign, you will improve your revenue and give your customers a better experience.

Each signature is saved as an image file and can be superimposed on the document that they signed so that they can print out a signed copy for themselves.

Digital signatures have been proven to mitigate charge back attempts dramatically because the customer knows that they physically signed the terms of service or the point of sale documentation. Furthermore, you can recall their signature at any time for future reference.

Pick up the phone and call us today to see how we can help your business become more profitable than ever before.

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